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 Steve McIntyre, Seaworks, New Zealand

I had heard about Kevin’s new web site so I have written this so as any of you pilots out there considering this rating could also hear about it from one of his former students.

In 1999 I heard about Kevin Bowe from an elderly and highly respected pilot. Knowing that I was about to start seaplane flying, he convinced me that it was absolutely essential to learn all aspects of flying boat operations from someone that was highly experienced in that field. Taking all that on board, my friend Bill Day (about to be the owner of a brand new Seawind) and I decided that we should go to Australia to train, and get our floating hull endorsements with Kevin.

We flew to Queensland, met Kevin, and what followed was just a fantastic week. Every possible aspect of seaplane flying was covered, and a lot of new skills acquired. I know that my general flying improved as well under Kevin’s watchful eye. We obtained our ratings and departed home to New Zealand.

In 2001 when the Seawind took to the air in New Zealand, we got Kevin to come over and do further training with us on the new plane itself. More hard work, but it was great fun learning advanced water techniques from him. Kevin’s massive experience paid big dividends again and again with this aircraft, and shortened our learning period considerably. Our risk profile was lowered dramatically and quickly, and insurance premiums came down. It was also a good feeling to be learning seaplane flying from someone who had founded one of the largest seaplane operations in the Pacific. 

For me, this wasn’t just about getting a floating hull endorsement from one of the world’s best seaplane pilots; it was a whole new and exciting experience, and one which I shall never forget. It was simply one of the greatest highlights of my flying life.

Thanks so much Kevin, and good luck to all of you who go seaplane flying with him in the future. You are in for an absolutely wonderful time. 


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